WATCH: Jon Jones Stops Vandalism During George Floyd Protest

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who says he will be vacating his title, may not have a scheduled bout in his sights as he goes through very tense and public contract negotiations with Dana White, but that hasn’t stopped him from fighting the good fight while patrolling the streets of downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jones was downtown during the George Floyd protests.

As has been the case across the country, the protests were growing volatile and vandals and looters were coming out. That’s when “Bones” Jones stepped in to stop vandalism from two masked perpetrators who were walking around with spray cans.

Jones confronted the two men before taking their spray paint canisters from their hands.

“Is this sh*t even about George Floyd anymore?!? Why the f*ck are you punk ass teenagers destroying our cities!?? As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse,” Jones wrote on Instagram while sharing video of the incident. “If you really got love for your city (505), protect your sh*t. All you old heads need to speak up, call your young family members and tell them to come home tonight.”

Jones is one of many celebrities and athletes to be involved in the protests.

Floyd was killed after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on the back of his neck for nearly 8 minutes while Floyd pleaded for air. The ex-officer, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested for third-degree murder. The three other officers involved — Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao — have been fired by the Minneapolis Police Department and remain under investigation.

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