Beyonce Addresses George Floyd Death; Asks Fans to Sign Petition For Justice

Beyonce is speaking out on the death of George Floyd. Floyd’s death has sparked protests across the country after video went viral which showed a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the back of his neck while Floyd pleaded for air.

Taking to social media and utilizing her platform, the singer addressed Floyd’s death and called for justice.

Beyonce also directed fans to a link in her bio which includes petitions from, Color of Change, We Can’t Breathe and NAACP.

“We need justice for George Floyd,” Beyonce said. “We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight. We’re broken and we’re disgusted. We cannot normalize this pain. I’m not only speaking to people of color. If you’re white, black, brown, or anything in-between, I’m sure you feel hopeless about the racism going on in America right now.

“No more senseless killings of human beings. No more seeing people of color as less than human. We can no longer look away.

“He’s our family because he’s a fellow American. There have been too many times that we’ve seen these violent killings, and no consequences,” she shared. “Yes, someone’s been charged, but justice is far from being achieved. Please sign the petition and continue to pray for peace, compassion and healing for our country.”

“If you want to demand more charges brought on all those involved in the death of George Floyd, click the link in my bio to sign the petition.”

You can watch her full statement below.

Former Minnesota officer Derek Chauvin, who was the officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck, was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The other three officers involved in the incident have not been charged but were fired.

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