WATCH: Joe Rogan Makes UFC Debut at UFC 12 (VIDEO)

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is the most recognizable non-fighters in the promotion outside of Dana White. Rogan has been a staple of broadcasts for more than 20 years and in the spirit of Throwback Thursday the Ultimate Fighting Championship is looking back at Rogan’s debut.

This week, the UFC released a video from Rogan’s first-ever appearance with the promotion which came at UFC 12 in 1997.

At the time, Rogan was a backstage reporter and provided interviews with fighters and information with the fans. Rogan would go on to serve as the host of Fear Factor along with launching the most popular podcast in the United States with the Joe Rogan Experience. It’s safe to say Rogan has come a long way.

Check it out below.

Look back at UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s first appearance on broadcast at UFC 12 in 1997!

The UFC is currently on a hiatus along with the rest of the sports world during the coronavirus pandemic, but we could be seeing mixed martial arts return to our televisions soon. According to the latest reports, the UFC is planning a return on Saturday, May 9 with the previously postponed UFC 249. As for where the event will take place, the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas or a venue in Florida appear to be the most likely options.

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