Pizza May Become The Superfood Of Tomorrow Because "Flavor Always Wins," According To This Nutritionist

That gooey, cheesy goodness may just become one of the more healthier foods in the future. Imagine a world where everything that taste good is also great for your health. That’s like eating a rack of baby-back ribs and then finding out your cholesterol is actually lower than before. This all seems to be a fantasy world, but it may come true one day…well, maybe for a slice of pizza…
Dan Schmitz, an executive of Abbott Laboratories is currently predicting a “super nutritious pizza” for the future. Shmitz is in charge of in researching and developing methods for “therapeutic nutrition,” which focuses on consuming foods for medical reasons. At the moment, Shmitz has been working on protein bars and Soylent. But when this nutritionist sat down with a reporter from Business Insider, he suggested that unhealthy foods may become packed with nutrition in the coming years.
Schmitz goal is to have people eating healthy, and to curb the astronomical level of diabetes in the United States (30 million diagnosed, 84.1 million with per-diabetes symptoms). A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also showed that Americans weren’t getting their recommended dose of vegetables (87%) or fruits (76%). Shmitz believes these eating habits have a lot to do with taste.
The Abbott Laboratories executive believes that taste trumps all. Therefore, the way to make people eat healthier is by making deliciously unhealthy foods deliciously healthy. Shmitz says that, “Flavor always wins.”
According to Schmitz, pizza may just become the superfood of the future. I think I like this future a little more than the one with hoverboards…
I wonder how scientists will make ‘za healthier than before. Easy answer is to use milk/cheese with more vitamin D. Maybe they’ll even come up with a pizza that can improve your sex life. The possibilities are endless…

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