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Eating Too Much Sugary Snacks Could Led To Depressing Disorder If You’re A Guy, According To New 30-Year Study


Put down those sour gummy worms, bro! A Debbie Downer of a new study just revealed that men are more likely to become depressed when consuming sugar, compared to their female counterparts. This study took place over the course of thirty years, with ten three-year-intervals. A total of seven thousand participants were involved in this sugary study: 5,000 men and 2,000 women tested the correlation of depression and sugar across sexes.

The end result of the study didn’t favor the guys. In fact, the study revealed that men eating more than 67g a day (the most in the study) had a 23% higher rate of depression than the guys who consumed less than 39.5 grams of sugar. Meanwhile, according to The Guardian, “The study found no link between sugar intake and new mood disorders in women and it is unclear why. More research is needed to test the sugar-depression effect in large population samples.”

But this study does have its flaws, as according to the study…

“People’s sugar intake and their mental health were measured through questionnaires. One of the problems with dietary studies is that people tend not to tell the whole truth about what they eat. But, she said, “it is quite unlikely that people over-report what they eat.” So if anything, they would be seeing less of an effect that there really is.”

Both the researchers and the participants of this study were highly dedicated to finding out the results. After thirty years of testing, this study reveals that males are more likely to become depressed via intake than the female participants.

But on the bright side, donuts only have about 10 or 11 grams of sugar. So, one donut wouldn’t hurt, right?

Meanwhile, sour gummy worms clock in at 21 grams of sugar per serving. Take it easy on those worms, dude!

Hey, didn’t I see this guy before?

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