WATCH: This Guy Get High As Sh*t On Pot Edibles Before Going To Chuck E. Cheese's To Eat Pizza

Stoned bros often go on munchies-fueled adventures. Harold and Kumar are world-famous for their tale about two stoners on a journey for White Castle hamburgers. But the dudes from Foodbeast weren’t on the hunt for tiny bite-sized burgers. These bros split some toffee-flavored edibles and then went back-in-time to the childhood playpen of Chuck E. Cheese’s for some nostalgic pizza.
Okay, they didn’t technically go back in time, but I’m sure Chuck E. Cheese’s is a blast from the past to any COED compadre. I never went there as a kid, but I still remember those commercials.

Foodbeast’s Evan Lancaster went to Chuck E. Cheese’s high as sh*t. He was worried if he and his cameraman would get kicked out since they didn’t have a kid. Evan said he had trouble entering Chuck E. Cheese’s in the past, most likely as a result of being a potentially creepy adult. Either way, he was allowed in this time, high as a motherf**ker. Enjoy, folks!

What did we learn? Ingesting cannabis products can increase your appetite. Evan felt a sense of paranoia, worrying that he and his friend would get kicked out of the establishment. But that might be less to do with the marijuana, more to do with them being two lone adults inside a child’s arcade pizza paradise. People might get the wrong idea. Stranger danger is a real thing, folks!
These dudes stuffed their faces with pizza. Plus, the guy in the giant mouse costume seemed pretty chill.

COED Is Upgrading With Rune
COED Is Upgrading With Rune
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