The Ten Greatest College Halloween Parties In America [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

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Before you know it one of the biggest weekends in college, Halloween, will be here.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out why students love Halloween–it gives them a reason to dress up in ridiculous outfits, drink a lot, and make poor decisions with other college kids/townies preying on the intoxicated.

But the sad news is that not every school throws down as hard for October 31st as others. So if you feel like your school isn’t doing enough around Halloween, find the closest campus below and call up your friends. These are the Ten Greatest College Halloween Parties In America:

#10: UCSB

Starting out hot at #10, we’ve got University of California–Santa Barbara. Under normal circumstances you’d find UCSB much closer to the #1 spot, but after last year’s Deltopia riots we’ve noticed a lot of changes happening on Isla Vista in regards to partying. We’re not saying that it’s not going to be amazing (what’s there not to love about great weather, California women, and house parties), we’re just saying that it might not be as nuts as last year.

Or maybe it will.

#9: University of Iowa

Is there any school that has gotten more street credit than The University of Iowa in the past few years? No way.

Vodka Sam, #1 spot on Princeton Review’s Party School list, and numerous other stories have put the Hawkeyes on everyone’s map. The thing is, though, The University of Iowa has been throwing down for Halloween for a long time.

#8: LSU

When it comes to partying, there’s not much that LSU doesn’t excel at. So add the fact that there’s always* a massive college football game to celebrate in addition to Halloween and you’re looking one hell of a weekend. This year, however, things are going to be a little different.

LSU has a bye week on October 31st but they’ll be gearing up for a game against Alabama, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see some LSU players blowing off a lot of steam as they take on their toughest opponent of the year. Shit’s going to get buckwild.

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#7: Wisconsin

Chances are that if you meet someone who attended The University of Wisconsin, they partied harder than you did in college. But don’t be a hater, get onboard and travel to Madison this Halloween for a guaranteed slopfest. Each and every year, the city of Madison puts on a FreakFest–a huge party that features A-list musical performances, crazy costumes, and drunk Wisconsin students doing what they do best.

#6: ASU

Do we cover ASU more than any other schools in the nation? Probably, but that’s because we can’t pull our eyes away from all the Sun Devils who seem like their sole purpose in life is to make sure that we know we made the wrong decision not attending their school. Hot chicks, great weather, and a singular attitude towards partying make ASU a great destination for those of you looking to have an insane Halloween weekend.

Like last year, when there was that naked chick attending parties.

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#5: Rice University

Rice University winds up on our list for the same reason they wound up ranking as one of our “20 Most Underrated Party Schools“–simply because they host the insane party that is known as “Night of Decadence.”

Held annually around Halloween, Rice students convene in one location for NOD. The party has a lot of history (probably more than 99% of other college parties), not the least of which involves a giant paper mache phallus that’s constructed each year and placed on campus.

#4: Penn State

Anyone who’s actually made the trek to Happy Valley can attest to the simple fact that Penn State goes hard. By now you’ve probably heard of their “State Patty’s Day” slopfest, but Halloween in Pennsylvania can also get pretty weird. In a good way.

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#3: West Virginia University

We can’t think of a much scarier place to spend your Halloween than Morgantown, but the fact of the matter is that WVU has been throwing one of the best Halloween parties for years.

The WVU football team will be playing TCU November 1st (the day after Halloween), which means that they’ll be burning couches in highly-flammable costumes–probably not the safest thing in the world to do.

#2: Southern Illinois University

“Unofficial Halloween” could very well be the biggest party you’ve never heard of.

Held annually, “Unofficial” will kick off in Carbondale, IL on October 17th and 18th, meaning that you could theoretically fit in two massive Halloween celebrations if you plan well enough. We suggest you go and learn exactly why Southern Illinois University deserves a spot on our “Underrated Party Schools” list.

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#1: Ohio University

Is it just us or does Ohio University actually put the Ohio State University to shame when it comes to enjoying their college years? OU might not have the sports programs to compete with OSU, but they do put on “Number Festand the biggest college Halloween party in the nation. It’s called “Block Party” and from what we can tell it’s absolutely bonkers.

If you’re looking to road trip to one college this Halloween, make it Ohio University. Make sure to check back later for some good costume ideas.

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