Deltopia Riots: Over 100 College Hotties Worth Rioting Over [PHOTOS]

There was a genuine Spring Break Teenage Riot over the weekend, as the traditional Deltopia party at the University of California, Santa Barbara campus went too wild on Saturday. There were cops running around letting and setting off tear gas,  while college students (and, yeah, high school students) ran around and committed acts of vandalism with probably lots of rock ‘n roll playing in the background. Or probably Kanye. Things weren’t that old-fashioned. 

Anyway, it’s always a drag when a public party gets out of control, and we hate that cops were injured, and we’re hoping that the college students who were all arrested haven’t screwed up too badly. There were over 100 arrests, too. That’s pretty severe, and we’re convinced more than ever to stick to partying at Certified Trashiest Spring Break Destinations.

But let’s also note that this Deltopia riot was probably the sexiest gathering of young hooligans that we’ve seen in a long time. Just check out this amazing collection of gals who helped to beautify this year’s Spring Break in Santa Barbara. We’re not saying that any of these gals were actually part of the Infamous Deltopia Riots of 2014. They may not have even been around the beachside community of Isla Vista, which is where most of the rioting happened.

We’re just saying that these ladies represent the real face (and hot bods) of Deltopia, and it’d be a shame if this meant the end of the annual gathering. We think you’ll agree as you marvel at some gals who’ll stir up a riot in places way more closer to you than Santa Barbara. Let’s remember these beauties and just put this weekend behind us–once everyone’s paid off their assorted fines…

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