Ball State Balled So Hard Last Weekend [40 PHOTOS]

Ball State University declares itself to be “Education Redefined”–which is a lot different than having a refined education. The students of BSU also seem to be really happy by defining campus partying in classic style. In fact, we’re thinking that the girls and guys of Ball State University are regularly turning Muncie, Indiana into a real party destination.
These latest awsome party pics make us feel kind of bad about being stuck in New York City. We didn’t see any graffiti this weekend that looked as good as the masterpieces scrawled upon the BSU students who made the mistake of passing out amongst their fellow students. We have a great mix of students here, too, but you might notice that Ball State University has a particularly impressive percentage of fine feminine bods in their student body. NYC could stand to import a few of these beauties, ranging from hard-drinking hotties to gorgeous geek girls.
Fortunately, there’s the BSUFessions Twitter account to keep us feeling like part of the action. You’ll want to follow that bouncing Ball State action–and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at what there was to confess about over this past weekend. Muncie is hardcore, people…

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