The 20 Most Underrated Party Schools In The United States [POLL]

For every big school that winds up on the Princeton Review’s overhyped list, there are three smaller schools who rage equally as hard, if not harder. Why aren’t they recognized? Why aren’t they loved? As big fans of both underdogs and partying here at COED, we’re happy to announce that once again we’re putting the spotlight on the 20 Most Underrated Party Schools in the United States.

To qualify as an underrated party school, a few things need to happen. First, and most importantly, you need to party. All the schools you see here have student bodies fully committed to the weekends. Second, people need to be talking about how ratchet your ragers get. If people aren’t Tweeting about your parties, you’re not doing it right. Finally, we’re not taking into account the difficulty of curriculum at the schools. There are more than a few institutions on this list that are hard to get into. There are also some that are very easy to get into.

You’ve all had plenty of time in 2013-2014 to leave your mark on the college world, so without further delay here’s our list for the 20 Most Underrated Party Schools in the United States.

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#20:  Ball State University | Muncie, IN

Number of Students: 21,000

Notable Parties: Tons of house parties (Greek / non-Greek), anything going on in The Village