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The Naked ASU Girl and 91 Other Awesomely-Hot ASU Halloween Photos


Guess who won Best Costume for Halloween last night? It looks like nobody could top the Arizona State exhibitionist who decided to hit a wild party as A Woman With Nothing To Wear. It’s both a very simple costume and  a very memorable one. In fact, everyone’s talking about this lady on the Arizona State University campus today. It’s not easy to get the ASU campus buzzing. This did the job, though…

ASU, of course, has seen a lot of wild scenes. You’re about to see a lot of wild ASU scenes, too. We’ve compiled a crazed collection of Halloween shenanigans from this fine institute of higher learning. It turns out that last night’s nude gal had a lot of competition. In fact, it was probably inevitable that one of the lovely ladies of ASU would just decide to doff the clothes and drink down some Duff. It’s a shame that Duff is merely one of our favorite fictional beers. That’d make a great line for an ad. (Speaking of lines, you might want to line up a look at ASU’s annual Undie Run.)

Anyway, we’re sure that everyone had a great time this Halloween–but you’ll have even more fun checking out the great times that were had at Arizona State University. Check out several tributes to Spring Breakers, some exceptional cat girls, a few belly dancers, lovely displays of lesbianism, and plenty more stunning students. Verily this is the most perfect of universities when it comes to partying. And some other stuff, too, but we’re concentrating on ASU’s hellaciously hot Halloween hangover for now…

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