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  • Tech Salad Sandwich: HP 7″ Digital Picture Frame

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  • The Geeks Are Slackers Over THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Campaign

    Warner Bros is making the fans work for their new viral campaign pushing The Dark Knight Rises.…

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    Molly Ringwald is the New Queen of the Internet

    Her Twitter feed describes her as “your former teen-age crush,” but it was your father who was really nuts…

  • Google Just Revolutionized the Adult Industry

    Have you Googled yet today? If not, try to think of something you have to look up. Google has put together a fine stunt to ce…

  • Into the Mist With the Orb Vaporizer

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  • Can’t Find The Vinyl LP You’ve Been Seeking All Your Life? There’s An App for That

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  • Lauren DeLong [See Her Tonight]

    Lauren DeLong plays games on CSI:NY 9 pm EST, CBS “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person,” decla…

  • 5 High-Tech Weapons You Wouldn’t Have Believed Existed

    Thanks to the wonders of technology, weapons systems have advanced to the stage where there no longer need to be any moving parts. Furthermore, weapons that the general public knows as "futuristic" are considered yesterday's news to the shadowy, corporate weapons developers. Our ignorance doesn't take away from the fact that what these companies have released to the public is completely mind-blowing. It really makes you wonder what kinds of killer merchandise they have in the works right now. All we can show you are five of the most high-tech weapons you wouldn't believe existed but do -- they're after the jump!

  • SuperTooth’s Disco Speakers Bring The Funk AND The Noise [TECH]

    Everyone is looking for an affordable speaker that you can really rock out to on the go. Sure, you can plug in one of those portable Radio Shack-type speakers that runs off a few "AA" batteries and listen to all of 1 watt of power that's lower volume than a flushing toilet. Alternatively, you could cop a SuperTooth Disco and party anywhere. I'd suggest the latter. I own one, so I know. Check out our review after the jump!

  • How To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal Indoors [TECH]

    Cell reception sucks, which really sucks since landlines have gone the way of the dinosaur and the masses now depend on cells for their primary means of communication. Most bizarre of all is that cell phones seem to work better when outside. I’m lucky if I can get even 1 bar in my living room, not to mention when I turn a corner in the hall or go into a closet. So of my two options -- one being to hijack a cellular tower and move it next door -- zBoost Metro seems more doable. Check out our full review after the jump.

  • In The Year 2000: Tech Predictions For the Next Century

    Are we there yet? Every time you turn around, somebody is predicting what’s going to happen 10, 25 or 50 years down the road. But you don’t have to be a “futurist” to connect the dots when it comes to where we’re heading when talking about technology. Unlike human nature, tech moves in a straight line from point A to point B, most of the time. Which makes these predictions of mine less a “leap of faith” than you’d think. Just don’t come back in 2061 and rag on me, okay? Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Is That A Rocket In Your Pocket? No, it’s a Luna Projector [TECH REVIEW]

    Let’s get real -- any company putting out an MP3 player hasn’t got much of a chance with Apple looming over them. So sneak it in the back door by touting what an i-device can’t do -- double as a video projector. HDTV manufacturer Sceptre just released the Luna pocket projector, which is not only great for video and photo viewing but also plays MP3s. Check out our full review after the jump!

  • Kiss Your Old Video Game Controller Goodbye [VIDEO]

    AOL News reported a female student at Georgia Tech has designed a video game controller that requires two players to kiss in order to direct the path of an on-screen bowling ball. So, how does it work? Find out after the jump!

  • 5 Last Minute Tech Gifts To Get Your Girl For Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner so you're probably scrambling to find a last minute gift. Instead of buying your girl something lame like a necklace and flowers why don't you give her a gadget upgrade with stuff she can actually use. An iPod is predictable and a new computer is too expensive so here are five products that won't crush your credit card (and will probably get you some sweet "rewards"). See our picks after the jump!

  • Switch Multitool: The Swiss Army Knife of 2010

    You're all probably familiar with the idea of a Swiss army knife. Most everybody already knows about this incredible all-in-one tool, but the problem with it is that it's never really been updated for the modern era. After all, we've come a long way from the days of using the Swiss Army knife to scale a fish in the wild. The Switch Multitool has all the conveniences of the Swiss Army knife (and more!) without all the unnecessary the leather punch.

  • Get Heard With The Go Mic Portable Microphone

    Having some dinky little microphone hidden inside a computer or cell might be convenient, but with garage bands to record and Skype calls and Podcasts to make, how can you settle for that? You can’t - so that where Go Mic comes in. It might be small, but this portable USB condenser microphone’s got serious chops.