Spotify vs. YouTube: The Video Podcast War

On July 21, Spotify revealed a new feature coming to the app that will undoubtedly bring competition to the video content game. After announcing a new subscription package named “Premium Duo” earlier this month, Spotify keeps the ball rolling with the reveal of video podcasts. They’re nicknamed “vodcasts” for short and will only be available to upload at first by select creators. Podcasts including Fantasy Footballers, The Morning Toast and Book of Basketball 2.0 are already scheduled to switch formats from audio shows to video shows. Spotify said that streaming these “vodcasts” will be as easy as pressing play and watching the video.

The video content market has been dominated by YouTube for a long time. Other websites like Vimeo and Dailymotion have a sizable audience but still pale in comparison to YouTube. However, other platforms have recently started to give YouTube competition. One prime example would be the relative newcomer Quibi. With a huge advertising campaign and big name stars, Quibi’s 10-minute-or-less video format is a noteworthy competitor. Spotify has now entered the fight as well with its new “vodcasts” arriving soon. It makes you wonder what new video content platforms will arrive and how YouTube will respond. It’s still difficult to imagine anyone dethroning the long reign of YouTube as the #1 video platform.

Spotify has not yet announced a release date for video podcasts but has promised to deliver soon. 

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