Google Stadia: Release Date, Games & How To Pre-Order

On Tuesday, March 19, Google announced its new cloud gaming service Google Stadia. The company unveiled its special controller which also has special buttons for Google Assistant and YouTube capture.
From Tech Crunch:

At launch Stadia will support 4K at 60fps with surround sound and HDR. They say they are also working on 8K 120fps support in “the future.” The stat we’re waiting to hear about is latency and what sort of ranges the service has been hitting ahead of launch.
The company showed off a dedicated Stadia controller though you’ll also be able to use your existing third-party controllers or keyboard and mouse.

Anandtech adds, “Google states that any link from any location can act as a launch point for a title. This means that developers do not have to be limited to a single game store – games can be launched from almost anywhere, as long as the user is in an up to date Chrome browser. Google is also set to put extensive parental controls into the mix.”
At the time of this writing, there is no official release date for Google Stadia nor any information on how to pre-order the platform. However, in the coming weeks, this post will be updated with additional information on how you can get your hands on the new cloud gaming service.
Additional information on the new gaming service can be seen below.

What Is Google Stadia?



Google has announced “Stadia, a cloud-based streaming gaming service.
Announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 19, Google said that Stadia will allow users to watch a video about a game and be able to play it instantly “in under five seconds without any download and lag.”
Google also revealed the Stadia controllers, which come with two unique buttons –one for Google Assistant and one for YouTube capture.

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