Gaming Keyboards: Top 5 Best Affordable Gaming Keyboards In 2017

Do you want a gaming setup that would make your favorite YouTuber blush? Or just a battle station worthy of posting on Reddit? Well, it may not be as expensive as you think. We’re going to help you build that setup without spending top dollar!
A good gaming keyboard can serve as the centerpiece of a great battle station. With tons of options in terms of programmable keys, RGB lighting, switches and more, it can be hard to pin down the right keyboard for you. It can be even harder to find all the features you want without spending an arm and a leg, but we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here are just a few gaming keyboards that will help you vanquish noobs without breaking the bank.

Redragon Asura K501 Keyboard

core gamer, 8 programmable macro keys are also available, and different options for input speed as well.

BUY Redragon Asura for just $29.99

Azio Levetron Keyboard

This budget keyboard is one of the most beautiful with its clean design and deep blue backlighting. A detachable palm rest is included, and the keyboard itself features a dedicated volume knob along with a Windows key lock/unlock for gaming.

BUY Azio Levetron for only $23.95

Cooler Master Devastator Keyboard

Cooler Master is known for their PC cases and various accessories, and this keyboard is just another great addition to their library. This keyboard has a low profile, ergonomic design, dedicated media controls, and it’s bundled with a mouse! At such a low cost (with the adjustable 2,000 dpi mouse included) this is also a budget-friendly purchase!

BUY Cooler Master Devastator for $33.75

Corsair Gaming K55 Keyboard

RGB backlighting, except this model features three different lighting zones. Users will enjoy six programmable macro keys, dedicated volume and media controls, and multikey anti-ghosting.

BUY Corsair Gaming K55 for only $54.99

Hcman Teamwolf Keyboard

We’ve saved one of the best deals for last! Most keyboards on this list feature membrane keys, but for those who want a taste of mechanical keyswitches at a low cost, this keyboard is perfect. The Teamwolf features an alloy body, multiple backlit models and colors, and custom mechanical switches that are incredibly easy to change or modify for those users who may like to tinker with their setups more than others. For the money, this is one of the best first mechanical keyboards you can get your hands on!

BUY Hcman Teamwolf for just $49.99

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