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    Stallone & Schwarzenegger are so adorable as BFFs, you expect them to split one of those BEST FRIENDS interlocking heart necklaces and follow each other on Instagram.

  • 20 Rap Lyrics to Live By

    We’ve compiled a few choice pieces of wisdom from hip hop’s greatest minds to help you find the truest and most blinged-out path to enlightenment.

  • This Kid’s MC Name Should Be “Young Lil Honky” [VIDEO]

    Yeah he can flow quick, but he has the same nonsense lyrics that have plagued white rappers since the Beastie Boys…

  • Highlights From Kendrick Lamar’s NYC Return [VIDEO]

    If you weren’t at Kendrick Lamar’s show hosted by Hot 97 on Tuesday, hopefully you took our advice and watc…

  • COED Staff Survey: The Worst Concerts We Ever Attended

    Remember when you were a kid and you thought it’d be really cool to go to concerts? Maybe you even dreamed of gettin…

  • “50 Cent” and 29 Other Search Terms Blocked On Chinese Twitter

    A few friends of mine took a huge leap after graduation and moved to China. While they don’t get treated as poorly a…

  • The 24 Biggest ‘Best New Artist’ Snubs in Grammy History

    Best New Artist is one of those awards that can be hit or miss. It reminds me of our Emerging Hotties list – you stack…

  • Listen to 50 Cent’s “Girls Go Wild” – Tell Us What You Think

    50 Cent's fifth studio album still has a lot of question marks surronding it but 2 days ago he leaked, "Girls Go Wild" the first single off the as yet to be titled record, which features Jeremih. 50's garnered a lot of media attention lately, mostly for his intention to cut ties with Interscope but also for his very introspective (borderline suicidal) tweets. Give the new joint a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Twitty Cent: 50 Cent’s Funniest Responses To His Tweethearts

    July 6th is 50 Cent's birthday. On this day, the big guy turns 36. All things considered, it's a safe bet to assume that 50's going to have a drink or two and get a lot of loving from the ladies. The ladies love 50 and he loves them back. Just check his Twitter account, chicks are posted up on his 'timeline' just throwing their panties at him. But only a certain type of lady gets the magical "RT." Check out our gallery of 50's responses to his lady friends on Twitter after the jump.

  • 41 Riotous “Rock Star” Yearbook Photos

    We've been pretty nostalgic here at COED lately. Earlier today, we showed you candid pics from the 61st and 62nd Academy Awards. In early February, we showed you yearbook photos of a former fat kid turned skinny rock star comedian and a beautiful blonde who went from hoodies to hot hand bras. Now, we turn our attention to the music industry with yearbook photos of 41 famous "rock stars". While you may notice not everyone in our gallery can be categorized as "rock", you have to admit they underwent a "rock star" transformation. Can you guess the identities without looking at the captions? See the pics after the jump!

  • Class of 2005 Homecoming Party Playlist

    Lady Gaga gets too much credit for merging pop and dance music. This combination can, in fact, be traced back to 2005, in which nearly electro-pop diva went for an ‘80s vibe, and Madonna, Depeche Mode, and New Order revisited their classic sounds. A playlist from five years ago wouldn’t be complete without a synthpop track or dance remix to give that 1980s-but-modern direction. Duran Duran might be dated, but the latest Madonna track? It was the ‘80s without the big hair. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

  • Class of 2003 Homecoming Party Playlist

    In retrospect, 2003 is the year of reinvention of the pop star. No longer were Disney kids like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera turning out cutesy songs for the under-17 set – or going through a “Can’t Be Tamed” phase. Instead, both Timberlake and Aguilera – as well as Beyoncé – knew that to have lasting careers, they need to produce songs to appeal to all ages – or at least to those under 30. In 2003, you didn’t need to be embarrassed to add “Crazy in Love” or “Rock Your Body” to your homecoming playlist alongside the latest trance track or The White Stripes. After all, everyone else had been listening to them all summer long, anyway. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

  • Class of 2007 Homecoming Party Playlist

    Sometimes, a year in pop music ends up a disappointment. After the year of Timbaland that was 2006, 2007 kind of seemed to limp along. Electro acts, such as Groove Armada and Junior Senior, developed a taste for disco, while alternative rock, characterized by The Killers and Franz Ferdinand just a few years ago, went limp and soft. “Indie” might be more introspective, but does that mean less party-friendly, as well? Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

  • Movies This Week: Runaway Train, UFOs, and Crappy Morning TV

    Megamind outsmarted the competish using telekinesis to remove $46 million from moviegoers. Funniest film of the year…

  • 14 Dumbest Rap Lyrics of All Time

    Rappers all say or do pretty stupid things at times. Take a look at the picture above and that's idiocy in a nutshell. Millions of dollars are going out to these performers who come up with the gems we are about to discuss. While at first you may think to yourself, "wow I love this song." You soon start to ask yourself "but what the heck is he talking about?" We have listened to rap music for 30 years now and have narrowed the worst lyrics down to 14 biggest offenders.

  • Vevo “The Hulu For Music Videos” Launches Tonight!

    You've heard the rumors and yes they are true. Google and Sony Music are a go tonight for the launch of their brand-spanking new music video service Vevo. We got the opportunity to speak with a Vevo Beta-tester this week and he gave the new service rave reviews. It's essentially a "Hulu for music videos."

  • 50 Cent’s NYC MySpace Album Release Show Pictures

    50 Cent took over NYC last night with his MySpace album release show at Highline Ballroom. 50 rocked the crowd for over an hour performing his classic hits as well as songs from his new album Before I Self Destruct, he also welcomed special guests to the stage including his G-Unit crew and Beanie Sigel. Tonight MySpace will be airing the show so make sure you tune-in to myspace.com at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

  • 50 Cent’s MySpace Album Release Party in NYC Tonight!

    50 Cent's new album Before I Self Destruct has been dominating the iTunes charts this week and tonight MySpace will celebrate the release with a party to end all parties at Highline Ballroom in New York City. 50 Cent will be on hand performing his hits along with songs from his new album. It also turns out that this will be MySpace's 50th album release show, how appropriate right?

  • The 25 Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever

    A lot of complaints have been said about hip hop, about everything from its glorification of drugs, money, guns and violence to its degradation of women. But never has anyone argued that rap is just too, what's the word?, gay. Until now. Our friends over at Cracked.com have put their journalism degrees to the test by investigating the dark world of unintentionally gay rap lyrics.

  • Amsterdam To Close Brothels and ‘Coffee’ Shops

    Many Brothels, Sex Shops and Marijuana Cafe’s Will Be Closing Soon in Amsterdam Alabama Doesn’t Deserve…

  • New Watchmen Movie Poster

    New Watchmen Movie Poster Tyra Banks Touches 50 Cent’s Gun Shot Wound Hollywood’s 10 Best Looking Butts Scarlet…

  • E3 Recap: The End

    The expo is finally over. All the producers and designers can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to making games instea…

  • Latest Steroid Scandal Includes 50 Cent, Timbaland and…Mary J. Blige?

    It’s pretty obvious that 50 Cent and Timbaland have most likely dabbled in various “performance-enhanc…

  • Haiku Reviews: Kanye West, 50 Cent and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Kanye West – Graduation Tighter, shorter disc Makes for more consistency; Less visionary Some criticism: Too b…

  • Kanye vs. 50: And the Winner Is…the RIAA?

    Kanye West and 50 Cent’s ego-tastic battle of the record sales kicked off yesterday, with industry insiders pla…

  • 2007 VMAs: A Recap

    Last night the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards proved that a large chunk of the entertainment world is ruled by talentless ha…

  • Re-Enter the Dragon

    Warner Bros. development department is compiled mostly of wh*res.Why the harshness do you ask? Good question, and my a…

  • 50 Cent: 1, Kanye West: 0

    Fiddy must be mighty happy to see his name above the College Dropout on Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list for 2006. Kanye…