50 Cent Slams JAY-Z's New Album '4:44,' Doesn't Realize No One Likes Him Anymore

50 Cent is not a good rapper. 50 Cent has never been a good rapper. His best album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, was dope. But nerdy suburban white kids like myself loved that album mostly for the persona it created around 50 and for the tonal shift back to gangtser rap. So for 50 Cent, of all rappers, to take shots at JAY-Z and 4:44 is just laughable.
Since its release on June 30, 4:44 has already gone certified platinum and earned positive reviews from music critics, fans and fellow rappers. No, Hov didn’t suddenly drop a twilight years version of The Black Album, but 4:44 is rock solid. It’s leagues better than 50’s last studio effort, Animal Ambition, at least.

So, yeah, I don’t know why 50 is opening his trap on an Instagram video coming at the reigning king of New York, then deleting it cause, you know, it’s 50.
Here’s what he had to say:

“I thought the shit was aight, you know what I’m sayin’? I liked the shit. But I’ma keep it 100: The shit was a little, the shit was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and shit, and tie a fucking sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League shit.”
“I ain’t gon’ hold you up,” 50 Cent added. “Some of that shit was like golf course music.”.
“I’mma tell you the truth: N—as hot out here,” he went on. “They don’t wanna hear that shit. They just wanna have a good time. Fuck that. You can’t be the best rapper at 47, because the new n—as is here,” 50 Cent said.

I agree, 50, you can’t be the best rapper at 47. But considering your 42 and haven’t been relevant in a musical sense in years, I don’t think you have room to talk. This isn’t the first time either. Back in 2015, 50 insinuated that Jay “capitalized” on his marriage to Beyonce. SMH.
Hopefully Jay doesn’t give 50’s comments the time of day. After all, what’s a goon to a goblin?


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