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10 Fun Facts We Learned About 50 Cent From His Reddit AMA


"Escape Plan" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals

50 Cent made a surprise appearance on Reddit’s AMA today to promote the release of his new album Animal Ambition. While there were a remarkably low amount of references to #SMSAudio, we did learn some interesting things about his personal life and choices.

Take a look at our favorite highlights from 50’s AMA.

1. Mr. Cent has reasons for f*cking up that Citi Field throw so badly.

Citi Field

2. Mr. Cent actually does know what grapefruits are.


3. Mr. Cent thinks you should keep your tattoos.


4. Mr. Cent does not still have Slowbuck’s chain.


5. Mr. Cent’s favorite sandwich is turkey and cheese.


6. Mr. Cent is just a typical black guy.

Pizza Topping

7. Mr. Cent does not accept failure from his homies.


8. Mr. Cent still does not like The Game.

The Game

9. Mr. Cent appreciates quality television.


10. Mr. Cent will never steer you wrong.


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