50 Cent Claims To Have Arranged A Fight Between Two Ex-NBA Stars

Rapper-turned-businessman 50 Cent has expanded his operations to the boxing ring. He is now looking to book two ex-NBA stars to fight it out for his promotion. In one corner will be the recently-retired power-forward of several NBA teams: Kenyon Martin. He will go up against Tim Thomas, a man who retired in 2010 after well over a decade of success in the NBA.
Kenyon Martin was recently involved in another feud with George Karl, an NBA coach that led his team to victory over one thousand times. This dissension stems from comments made in George Karl’s new book, which argues that Kenyon never reached his true potential because he never had a father figure in his life. Martin responded with a slew of fiery tweets, enraged over Karl’s comments.

On Friday, it was revealed that Kenyon could be fighting a whole new battle. This former NBA superstar looks to be transitioning from basketball to boxing, as boxing promoter 50 Cent now claims that Kenyon will fight former NBA juggernaut Tim Thomas.

But the beef between Kenyon and Thomas extends even further than the whole George Karl thing. The tension between Kenyon and Thomas goes back well over a decade. When they both played in the NBA, Thomas called Martin a “fugazi” on at least one occasion. In 2004, Kenyon and Tim had an altercation in a night club in Dallas, Texas. Martin gave his side of the story on a May 2016 podcast with Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical. Thomas fired back with his side of the story on CBS Sports Radio:

“I think the Iron Throne will be dissolved, both physically and ideologically. A Small Council will be set up — not to take power, but to give power back. Hopefully, a more democratic and more progressive era will arise on Westeros. I think that’s a really nice, positive way to end the story, and I think we need that right now. The world is a really f*cking weird place right now, and we need someone telling a hopeful, positive, progressive story about politics and power. Why not let it be Game of Thrones, one of the most watched shows, if not the most watched show, in the world? Have a real powerful statement that the power should not be in a throne, or in one centralized pinnacle of power. The power should be in individual democracies, in individual communities. It shouldn’t be an oligarchy, or some small group of elite. Power should be with the people and not with some politician or some heir to the throne or some madman. F*ck that. The world’s dying. We really need to take a look at ourselves and decide what’s next. Thrones would be the perfect platform to send a progressive message because right now, our politicians aren’t telling us any truths. It’s hard to find a good, meaningful message, so I think it’s up to storytellers, television shows, and films to have an impact on the world conversation. Is that not what film and television is for? And if not, what is it for?”

It looks like the beef between two former NBA standouts will come to a head in 50 Cent’s boxing ring. Who will come out on top? And I wonder if George Karl will be in Tim Thomas’ corner. That would definitely psyche Martin out when he faces off against a man known for his power in the NBA. I wonder if this match-up can best 50 Cent’s top promoted celebrity fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.


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