Jul 7, 2021

What to Know Before Visiting Japan

Japan is one of the most exciting and long-anticipated traveling destinations for the millions of foreigners that flock to its...

Jul 7, 2020

Top 5 Countries You Need To Visit Before You Die

Because of COVID-19, traveling abroad has become a disaster. While plane tickets sure are cheap, the dangers of flying around...

Jun 26, 2019

Here Is Why Tourists Are Making Geisha's Lives Difficult

An article from Kotaku states that tourists are making Geisha and Maiko (Geisha apprentices) lives difficult to deal with in...

Japan vs. Senegal Lineup: World Cup Squad, Roster & Players

Japan vs. Senegal keeps the action rolling at the 2018 FIFA World Cup with a Group H matchup in Yekaterinburg...

Jun 24, 2018

Colombia vs. Japan Lineup: World Cup Squad, Roster & Players

Colombia vs. Japan continues another busy day in Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The two teams face off...

Jun 19, 2018

Japan Fukushima Power Plant: Full Story & Must-See Details

Japan’s government is being urged by experts to slowly release one million tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean...

Nov 26, 2017

Oct 22, 2017

Kaguya Orbit 2017: Japanese Researchers Believe Moon Tunnels Could Lead to Colonies

A moon tunnel that has recently been discovered is said by scientists to actually be fit for a potential colony,...

Sep 14, 2017

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan: Full Story & Must-See Details

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUAUqK5Dd84/?hl=en&taken-by=everydaydprk https://www.instagram.com/p/BQHtNbxB2UM/?hl=en&taken-by=everydaydprk https://www.instagram.com/p/BANK73Qh8uS/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/BAtP26UB8kh/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/BLphWK9B9Qk/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/BDi-8-Ph8h3/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/BGkqH17h8o3/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/BFMX9WsB8rZ/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/_5ihCJB8s-/?taken-by=everydaydprk&hl=en North Korea just fired a missile from Pyongyang in the direction...

Aug 16, 2016

WATCH: USA vs Japan Live Stream Olympic Basketball

The United States Women’s National Basketball team will play against Japan in the quarterfinals of the Olympics tonight at 5:45...

Aug 10, 2016

Sweden vs. Japan Live Stream: How To Watch Olympic Soccer Online

The association football tournament at the 2016 Summer Olympics is being held from August 4 to August 20 in Brazil....

Mar 27, 2015

Nippon Ham Fighters Must Pay $350,000 To Woman Hit By Foul Ball

Man now tries to get hit by foul balls more often.

Sep 25, 2012

Super Soaker Wars Between China and Japan Are Hilariously Non-Lethal [PHOTOS]

I'm not sure how many of you have actually been following international politics when there are domestic issues (like NFL referees) to worry about, but there's currently a territory dispute between Taiwan, China, and Japan over a series of small isles called the Senkaku Islands. This isn't something we'd bother telling you about except for the fact that the dispute recently involved some of the biggest super soakers on the planet.

Jun 22, 2012

Cute Japanese Girls in Knee High Socks [20 PHOTOS]

We love Japanese girls. We love knee high socks.  So what’s a better combination than cute Japanese girls wearing knee...

Mar 27, 2009

14 Horrifying Soft Drinks Around the World

Just thinking about putting something even remotely disgusting in my mouth starts that weird excess saliva you get right before you're about to hurl. Which is why I want absolutely nothing to do with any of the 14 beverages on Crack.com's latest hilari-post, Yogurt Pepsi: 14 Horrifying Soft Drinks Around the World.