North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan: Full Story & Must-See Details

North Korea just fired a missile from Pyongyang in the direction of Japan. Meanwhile, Japanese officials have warned citizens, setting off sirens, and advising them to take shelter. The missile overflew the Japanese island of Hokkaido, according to reporter Noga Tarnopolsky. The missile sailed over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean. No one was harmed, but a message has been sent.

Update (9/14/17; 6:40 P.M.): South Korea has fired a ballistic missile off its coast in retaliation for the North Korea launch. The missile from South Korea reportedly landed in the sea.
Update (9/14/17; 6:34 P.M.): South Korean President Moon will hold an emergency meeting with the National Security Council, according to a report from Yonhap News.
The Japanese Government is advising people in their country to stay away from anything resembling missile debris. Officials are saying that a ballistic missile launched from North Korea likely flew over Japan.
The South Korean Government believes that North Korea fired an unidentified missile from the Sunan district in its capital, Pyongyang, toward the eastern direction.
Meanwhile, United States and South Korean are analyzing the details relating to the launch, the South’s Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said early on Friday.
On September 3, 2017, North Korea is believed to have tested out a hydrogen bomb, according to the top commander of US nuclear forces. This development has worried Air Force General John E. Hyten, commander of Strategic Command, who is concerned about this weapon’s massive scale of destruction if used in times of war.
Hyten observed the size of the underground explosion (along with other factors) caused by the Sep. 3rd bomb test, which helped him come to the conclusion that North Korea was testing out a hydrogen bomb, which is a lot stronger than the fission, or atomic, bombs, which the North Korean military has tested in the past.

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