Kaguya Orbit 2017: Japanese Researchers Believe Moon Tunnels Could Lead to Colonies

A moon tunnel that has recently been discovered is said by scientists to actually be fit for a potential colony, something argued to have existed by scientists even before the final moonwalk in 1972.

‘Their existence has not been confirmed until now’

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Reportedly, lava from ancient volcanoes could have created these voids, similar to how volcanoes formed the Kaumana lava tubes in Hawaii. Beneath the surface, these tunnels would be protected from meteors and radiation, even retaining evidence of the moon’s early history and origins. Over the years, it has been the dream of scientist and science-fiction writer to cave out these tunnels and transform them into bases for lunar explorers, and that might just be a start, but these tunnels proved difficult to find.
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However, Japanese researchers believed to have found proof of the existence of the moon tunnels, using its Kaguya orbiter, named after a princess who lived on the moon in Japanese mythology. Back in 2009, the orbiter took a picture of a hole that, just last week, has been said to be a clue to possibly finding the tunnels.
According to The Washington Post, in a letter written by a team of Japanese and American researchers found in Geophysical Research Letters, “The floor of the hole extended at least several meters eastward and westward under a ceiling of two other holes.”
“Their existence has not been confirmed until now,” Junichi Haruyama, one of the paper’s authors, according to a statement with Agence France-Presse.

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