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14 hours ago

5 Must Watch Movies To Celebrate The 4th Of July

The 4th of July is the next major holiday the country is preparing for, as many are ready for a...

Jul 4, 2018

Celebrate The 4th Of July With The Most Patriotic Movies Ever Made

When we think about 4th of July the idea of bar-b-que’s, brews, and parties immediately come to mind. While we’re...

Jul 3, 2018

Fourth Of July: Is There Mail Delivery Today?

The Fourth of July is a day dedicated to being patriotic and celebrating what it means to be American in...

Best July 4th Fireworks In The United States: Top 10 List

Who doesn’t love the 4th of July? The holiday celebrates the country and takes place in the dead of summer,...

Jul 1, 2018

4th of July 2018 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Pictures

Happy July 4th, Independence Day, Fourth of July…However the f— you want to say it, I don’t care. All I...

Jul 4, 2017

Independence Day 2016: Memes, Funny Photos, & Best Images

Fourth of July means beaches, fireworks, and getting turnt up. It’s also a great time to listen to Fall Out...

Jul 4, 2016

Sep 16, 2015

Mexican Independence Day 2015: Memes, Funny Photos, Jokes & Images

Here’s a little history lesson for you – you know Cinco de Mayo? That day you spend completely wasted on...

Jul 3, 2011

14 Painfully Funny Fireworks FAIL Videos

You're gonna stand there, ownin' a fireworks stand, and tell me you don't have no whistlin' bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistlin' kitty chaser? That scene from Joe Dirt is one kind of firework fail, but in this video compilation we're talking about the extremely painful, arm-ripping, ass-blasting, face-melting variety. You won't see a grander display of jackassery this Fourth of July, unless you're hoping to make the list next year. Check out the vids after the jump.

Jun 29, 2011

Commanders-In-Cheef: 9 Presidents Who Smoked Trees

F*ck the Netherlands, America is the country of cannabis. Our history is based on that sh*t, man. Presidents of the United States of America have been smoking 'headie of state' since the country was founded. Don't even get me started on the Declaration of Independance, either. It was written on motherf*cking hemp paper. Boom. Game, set, match. So, in the spirit of Independence Day, COED has compiled a list of some of the commanders in cheef aka Presidents who puffed the green stuff. Check it out after the jump.