5 Must Watch Movies To Celebrate The 4th Of July

The 4th of July is the next major holiday the country is preparing for, as many are ready for a day with friends and family, sitting by the grill and enjoying a few cold beverages. As Independence Day celebrations are being planned at this very moment, and if you are deciding to keep the party indoors to beat the heat, here are five must-watch movies for your 4th of July celebration.

5. Captain America: The First Avenger 


What better movie to choose for a celebration of America than one about the star-spangled man, Captain America? Captain America: The First Avenger gives fans their first look at Chris Evans, who would go on to become a cultural icon wielding the American shield. A great origin story with stellar performances from Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell, and Hugo Weaving as a menacing Red Skull. This is a must for any 4th of July movie marathon.

4. Independence Day

It can’t truly be a list of movies about Independence Day without Independence Day. An alien lifeform attempting to take over the world is more than likely the last remaining spot on the armageddon bingo card, so maybe this movie could help us learn a few tricks before our alien overlords take over our planet. Does anyone have Cousin Eddie’s number on speed dial?

3. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is the ultimate story of a man living through the ’70s and the cultural experiences one saw during that time period. The movie shows audiences the political climate and life of those who served this country fighting in the Vietnam War. Tom Hanks delivered a masterful performance as Forrest Gump and left us with one lasting impression about how life can be like a box of chocolates.

2. Top Gun

The feeling one gets when Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” kicks in is pure adrenaline and makes me want to kick down a door and pretend I’m the coolest person on the planet. Luckily for us, Tom Cruise already is that man, and Top Gun is the easiest choice for this list. A fun watch from beginning to end unless your favorite character is Goose (spoilers). While the sequel Top Gun: Maverick is continuing to dominate the box office, it’s the original that needs to be in your cache for the holiday celebration.

1. The Patriot 

In my opinion, The Patriot is the greatest film about war in cinema history. The film is the holy grail when deciding what you want to watch to celebrate Independence Day. Great action and a lot of Kleenex moments, The Patriot is the perfect movie to rally the friends and family around and remember all of those who paid the ultimate price for us to live comfy lives, like someone who gets to sit in their pajamas and write about fantastic movies. Have a safe 4th of July, everyone!


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