Independence Day 2016: Memes, Funny Photos, & Best Images

Fourth of July means beaches, fireworks, and getting turnt up. It’s also a great time to listen to Fall Out Boy’s “Fourth of July.” If you can’t make it to the fireworks, it’s totally okay to stay home and make lemonade.
Citizens in the U.S. of A. celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year.  Since July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and from hence forever forward the United States of America became an independent nation. Hooray! Goodbye British Empire, hello adulthood. Although as a young nation, America is still learning its away around adulthood, (or puberty) with its fearless almost-leader Donald Trump guiding the way.
Oddly, America isn’t the only country that celebrates the Fourth of July. You still might see fireworks in Denmark, England, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Why? Europeans celebrate this American holiday to attract U.S. tourists.
How old is America turning this year?
People on Twitter are just finding out that America will be turning 2016, which means it will have beaten the Roman Empire (1700 years old) by a landslide. Gee, I thought America was older than that.
Time to drink American beer, fire up a grill, and speak in a Southern accent, even if you don’t have one.

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