Fourth Of July: Is There Mail Delivery Today?

The Fourth of July is a day dedicated to being patriotic and celebrating what it means to be American in every way shape and form! Well except for sending a patriotic letter or something, because all U.S postal services will be closed due to it being a federal holiday. What this means is that the Fourth of July is a holiday recognized by the US government, so any nonessential services it provides (sorry police and garbage men, you’re too essential) like the postal service and most banks are closed for the day with employees still being paid.
The main point is if you are reading this before the 4th then send whatever you need to quick! And if you are reading this on the 4th, well… uhhh…  hopefully you have access to a bike or car or don’t mind walking a whole bunch because no one is else is going to deliver your packages for you, not to worry though! As all government services will return to their normal schedules on the 5th.

All federal offices, including post offices, will be closed on Independence Day, Wednesday, July. 4th

What are the other Postal Holidays?

Here’s a list of all the postal holidays, where you can expect no mail in your mailbox…

  1. Monday, January 2: New Year’s Day (observed)
  2. Monday, January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
  3. Monday, February 20: Washington’s Birthday
  4. Monday, May 29: Memorial Day
  5. Tuesday, July 4: Independence Day
  6. Monday, September 4: Labor Day
  7. Monday, October 9: Columbus Day
  8. Saturday, November 11: Veterans Day
  9. Thursday, November 23: Thanksgiving Day
  10. Monday, December 25: Christmas Day

Which national holidays does FedEx deliver mail on?

Here’s a list of all the national holidays, where FedEx still picks up and delivers packages to your doorstep…

  1. Monday, Jan. 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  2. Tuesday, Feb. 20: Presidents Day
  3. Monday, Oct. 9: Columbus Day
  4. Saturday, Nov. 11: Veterans Day

Now that you know when the mail will and will not be delivered, you’re fully prepared and (theoretically) will not wait until the last moment to send those important packages!

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