WATCH: Home Depot Karen Refuses to Wear Mask Because of ‘White Power’

Allow us to introduce you to “Home Depot Karen,” who has been identified as 54-year-old Teri A. Hill from Illinois. As Karens continue to venture out into the wild after quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, Miss Terri decided to throw a fit after being reminded that she wasn’t wearing her mask despite complaining that too many other customers were not covering their faces.

Makes total sense, right? It only got worse.

“You know what she did?” shopper Sydney Waters, 34, wrote on Facebook while sharing a video. “She posted up. Told me I wasn’t going to tell her what to f–king do. Then she took her mask all the way off, put it in her pocket and let me now she was going to spit & cough on me.”

During the confrontation, Hill was called entitled and that’s when things went off the rails.

“Yes I am entitled,” Hill said. “I’m white, I’m a woman. Because I’m a white woman [I can get my way]. That’s what happens, I believe in white power.”

Eventually, there was a fight between the two women, and Hill was arrested on charges of battery and disorderly conduct, according to a report from the Northwest Herald.

You can check out the video below.

This is just the latest incident of overt racism that surfaced on social media since quarantine which includes a woman breaking down over an egg McMuffin, cops being called on a black man birdwatching in Central Park, a woman getting slapped for telling a customer to ‘go back to Mexico’, and so much more which you can check out below.

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