Chris D’Elia’s Team Releases Email Exchanges With Accusers

Chris D’Elia’s team is attempting to clear his name. After the comedian and actor was accused of knowingly pursuing, “grooming”, and soliciting minors for nude photographs, he was dropped by his talent agency CAA. D’Elia immediately denied engaging in any acts with women who were underage and said that any interactions were consensual.

And now, D’Elia is looking to provide the bigger picture.

“It is important that the public has all the information to make an informed decision on the coordinated attacks on Chris D’Elia,” D’Elia’s team said in a statement to the New York Post. “These messages help prove that all of Chris’s relationships were both legal and consensual.”

The first accuser, Simone Rossi, said that she was 16 when she had interactions with D’Elia for the first time. She had claimed D’Elia asked her to “make out” and send photos of herself. The interaction allegedly took place in 2015. D’Elia’s camp shared an email from October 2019 which alleges Rossi messaged D’Elia saying, “I’m 21 now and [down to f*ck],” though D’Elia never replied.

Another accuser, Colleen Riley, shared messages from 2014 where D’Elia also asked her to make out. In the exchange, she shared a message where she told D’Elia she was 16. D’Elia’s camp provided the full email chain which shows the comedian responding, “Oh sh**. I thought you were at my [standup] show. Gotta be 18 [to get into that] at least. My bad. Bye.”

Finally, Clara Schaller, shared photos of emails with D’Elia where he said that he wanted to have sex. Schaller claimed that was 17 at the time. In an email provided by D’Elia’s team, Schaller initially joked that she was “12” before responding “24?”

D’Elia acknowledged to getting caught up in fame and a womanizing lifestyle in the past but vowed to do better moving forward.

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LISTEN: G-Eazy ‘Everything’s Strange Here’ Stream & Download
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