Who Is Lil Majin? Meet The USA's Best Tekken 7 Player

With the popularity of e-sports continuing to grow, gaming legends are being born in the industry. Enter Terrelle “Lil Majin” Jackson. Lil Majin has the distinction of being the best Tekken 7 player in the United States and his 2018 campaign has been full of incredible success as he burst into stardom.
In early 2018, Lil Majin, who is the best King player in the world, won Kumite in Tennessee which was the first Tekken 7 major of the year. His success continued with a top-4 finish at CEO and now an incredible run at the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas where he made the Top 8 Winners. Majin was running through opponents on his way to the Top 8.


Lil Majin continued his incredible run at EVO 2018 by knocking off South Korea’s Echo Fox JDCR to reach the Winner’s Finals and given the United States a player in the top 4.

Lil Majin ultimately finished in third place, becoming the highest placing American ever at EVO in the Tekken 7 era.

But where did the gaming legend come from?
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Who is Terrelle “Lil Majin” Jackson?


Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Game: Tekken 7
Earnings: $8,863.20 From 13 Tournaments

How did Lil Majin get his name?

Lil Majin got his nickname from a Dragon Ball Z reference that was initially inspired by his older brother.

As most could guess, the “Majin” name is a Dragon Ball Z reference. My big brother went by the alias of “MajinSSJ6Goku” on multiple forums and message boards and I figured that I’d go by “Lil MajinSSJ6Goku” since I was his little brother. However, the name was way too long and easily made fun of; therefore, I shortened it to “Lil Majin.” My brother also shortened his name after a few years to “Big Majin.” The rest is history!

How long has Lil Majin played Tekken?

Lil Majin has been playing Tekken for more than two decades, first playing the game when the original Tekken was released.

I’ve been playing Tekken since Tekken 1. I’ve forgotten how old me and my brother were when we started Tekken, but it has definitely been about 20 years! My brother and I have always loved fighting games and with Tekken being our absolute favorite, it was easy to keep playing it every iteration since the game kept getting better and better with each.

You can read more information on Lil Majin’s rise to stardom in this interview with TekkenGamer.com.

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