Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Ninja Worth

Tyler Blevins aka “Ninja”, born June 5, 1991, is a Twitch streamer and is currently one of the more popular video game players in the world. He has amassed a massive following on Twitch, now sitting at over 140,000 subscribers to this channel, the most of any streamer on the platform. Twitch subscriptions cost $5 a month, split between the service and the streamer, and according to Polygon, he currently makes at least $560,000 per month from that service.
People tune in to watch him play the latest games, most notably Fortnite which has taken over the game space in 2017-2018. He became even more well known in March of 2018 when he played Fortnite with Hip-Hop superstars Drake and Travis Scott, as well as Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster.
Just from this stream alone, he gained over 10-15,000 subscribers, increasing his monthly revenue.
So, with all that let’s take a look at his career, starting with his net worth.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins Net Worth As Of 2019: $3.5 Million

Since Ninja’s stream with Drake, his subscriber list has skyrocketed to over 140,000, earning him somewhere around $560,000 every single month. Yes, you read that right. Blevins makes over half a million dollars a month for people to watch him play video games. His streaming channel provides a massive platform for companies to market their product and they pay Twitch and Blevins money for that ad time. Between his Twitch following and his YouTube subscribers being over 4.5 million, this has enabled him to accumulate a net worth of around $3.5 million.

The Early Years


Blevins was born on June, 5th, 1991 and he hails from Lake Villa, Illinois. Blevins started his professional video game career playing the legendary Xbox series Halo. In what has now become known as “e-sports,” Blevins competed in tournaments as his career, earning money through his winnings. He got his start at a Major League Gaming event in Orlando in 2009, playing as a member of the competitive Halo team “Four of a Kind.” His career as a professional gamer began to thrive with the release of Halo: Reach where he would enter the top World rankings, consistently placing in the top 13-15 of players around the world.
In 2011, Blevins began streaming his gaming and has made at least $100 per day, thanks to his channel, ever since.
His Halo career would continue, playing Halo 4, Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 5 competitively. Over that time, he would play with different teams including “The Agency,” “Cloud 9” and “Noble Black.”



2016 is where Blevins’ competitive career began to wind down. He continued to play Halo in tournaments into 2017 when he first started streaming his gaming on Twitch, and it immediately caught on. He went from 10,000 subscribers in December to 18,000 in January and 60,000 by late February. Due to his game with Drake, Travis Scott, and Smith-Schuster, his following skyrocketed to where it is now, to over 140,000 subscribers.
In addition to his already impressive Twitch following, he also has over 4.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, further increasing his revenue.
In August 2017, Tyler married fellow Twitch streamer Jessica “JGhosty” Goch.
At E3 2018, Ninja and Marshmello won the Fortnite Pro-Am event and donated $1 million to a charity of their choice. Additionally, Ninja gave away nearly $50,000 in prize money — with $2,500 of that going to the Alzheimer’s Association —  during the first Fortnite Battle Royale Esports event in April 2018.








According to The Esports Observer, streamers consumed 227.43 million hours of Tyler Ninja content and he made nearly $10 million last year.

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