Please Improve Your Monday With This Video Of A Nazi Being Knocked Out In Seattle

Live look at me on this dreary Monday before and after watching this video:
Nothing will put a little pep in your step like some street justice. What is it with these Neo-Nazis anyway? It’s almost like they’re expecting not to be punched in the face. Heads up to all the Neo-Nazis out there: even if you’re in a super liberal city like Seattle, someone is going to knock you out.
Look, nobody ever accused Neo-Nazis of being an intelligent bunch, but do they have no sense of risk-reward? What does this American History X wannabe plan on accomplishing by strolling the streets of one of the nation’s most liberal cities by himself? At best, he mildly annoys a couple of pedestrians, and at worst (which is what happened) he ends up face down in the gravel.

via Buzzfeed:

On Sunday afternoon, a Twitter account called @bigotbasher posted a photo of a man apparently riding Seattle’s D line while wearing a Swastika armband. One account called @teethnclaws posted a text saying that the man in the Swastika armband had been spoted on the corner of Seattle’s 3rd Avenue and Union Street.
Then just a few minutes later, a Facebook user named Shaughn Patrick Ffud shared a photo captioned, “Just watched a Nazi get knocked the fuck out.”
The man in the Swastika armband can be heard saying, “they deserve the welfare” before he’s hit directly in the face by a man in a gray sweatshirt. The man doesn’t get back up. The camera then zooms in on him as a man behind the camera says, “night night.”
The user behind @teethnclaws, who initially picked up and signal-boosted the first photo, described the punch as a “logical and necessary step toward a Fascism-free Seattle.” The person using the @teethnclaws account asked not to be identified, citing concerns over his personal safety. He said he wasn’t aware of who actually threw the punch, but credits anti-fascist Twitter networks for making it happen.

Moral of the story is if you want to be a future resident of Hell Nazi, do so in the privacy of your own home, otherwise, prepare to likely be knocked out.
And if you’re not a Nazi, and you happen to see one roaming the streets of your city, looking for a reaction: give him one.

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