This Twitter Account Outing The White Nationalists In Charlottesville Is Just Delightful

As our country continues to turn into a dystopian future sci-fi movie version of itself, it’s becoming harder and harder to see our nation’s glass as half full. Luckily for us, a tiny light has begun to shine through the darkness that is Charlottesville and it comes in the form of a whistleblowing Twitter account.
@YesYoureRacist, who joined Twitter in 2012 (you know because people have been racist forever) has made quite the viral name for himself this weekend as he attempts to out and publicize all the racist pieces of shit currently infesting Charlottesville.
And not only is @YesYoureRacist’s work important, but it’s impressive, too, as I have no idea how he’s able to track these people down. Sure, I’m no technology wizard, but I have to imagine if nothing else finding these lowlifes requires patience, and that in it of itself is worth praise.

Most amazingly, his efforts have made a tangible impact on these scumbags, as he was even able to get one of them fired as a result:

So big shout out to you, @YesYoureRacist — while our leader may not be willing to acknowledge and expose this vile scum, at least you’re doing your part.

Joel Vangheluwe: Full Story & Must-See Details
Joel Vangheluwe: Full Story & Must-See Details
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