WATCH: Alex Jones Takes On Seattle, Gets Coffee And Insults Thrown In His Face

Infowars founder Alex Jones has invaded snowflake city, Seattle. He’s greeted by a barrage of middle-finger waving liberals who believe him to be a wack-job and/or a racist. Jones is unafraid of the globalists, the government, the Democrats, the establishment Republicans, the brain-washed drones, the Obamas and the Clintons. He also reminds me of a mixture of an adult-sized version of Baby New Year and George Liquor American from The Ren & Stimpy Show. AJ, as I call him, with his outlandish antics, might be the funniest guy we have in the media.

Close Encounters of the Liberal Kind

The first person to approach Alex Jones in his newest video compilation is a woman in a burgundy-colored blouse. Jones shows her two news articles suggesting that “the economy was going to implode.” She ignores the newspapers and responds by telling him his show is terrible and that he’s nothing but a conspiracy theorist. In an earlier video, she cited a conspiracy theory he said about the government using chemtrails to make frogs gay. But Infowars cut that part out of this video.
People flip off Jones left and right. One person who flipped him off really got under his skin. Jones chased after the man and followed him down the street, calling him a “coward.”
“You’re not an intellectual, you’re a fake, you’re a fraud,” said Jones before chasing after a man who keeps flipping him off. Both guys get into a “f*ck you” and “go fuck yourself” trade-off.
Alex Jones confronted a guy who yelled “you’re trash” at him. Jones wanted this man to “tell people intellectually who you are.” The man responds by saying “yo ‘mama.” Jones calls this man “a literal slave of the system,” which provokes the globalist man-goblin to throw coffee all over the head of the incomparable Alex Jones.
The Alex Jones YouTube page claims that the host had boiling hot coffee thrown on him. But Jones barely flinches when the liquid is poured on him. It’s either he has nerves of steel or that coffee was lukewarm. I’m assuming both…

I’ll jump ahead to 3:30 when a big, tall liberal questions what is Alex Jones doing here. Jones responds by saying this is “America,” but this dude insists that you’re in Seattle like he doesn’t already know that. The white knight of censorship wants to know the purpose of Jones in Seattle, by which the host responds by saying, “I’m just here showing the hardcore fascist, brain-washing that the corporate media and the big banks have done to the people. How they continue to think they’re liberal, but turn them into fascists.”
The white knight looks absolutely crushed mid-way through Jones’ monologue, and tells him “good luck with that, buddy,” and turns around.
Alex Jones is adorable; just a big, red-blooded man-baby. He may be a conspiracy theorist wacko sometimes, but hey, maybe he’s onto something with this…
Here’s Alex Jones vs. the brain-washed man-goblin once again…

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