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September is fast-approaching, which means back-to-school and back on line for a new iPhone. Mac4Ever is now reporting that they know the date for the upcoming Apple event. The official date has no been released by Apple, but Mac4Ever is now pegging the event date to be set for September 12th. The site has also set a rumored release date for the iPhone 8.
At this event, Apple will announce the release of three new iPhones: the OLED iPhone 8 and the iterative ‘7s’ phones.
The site reports that mobile phone operators have already been given the info for the official event date by Apple, as a means to prepare for inventory and marketing these new gadgets.
So, when will the new iPhone 8 hit shelves? Well, let’s look at the dates of previous years, and possibly spot a trend…

iPhone X release date:

You can pre-order iPhone X on October 27 starting at $999 and it ships November 3, 2017.

The History of iPhone released dates & announcements

2007: iPhone, released June 29
2008: iPhone 3G, released July 11
2009: iPhone 3GS, released June 19
2010: iPhone 4, released June 24
2011: iPhone 4S, released October 14
2012: iPhone 5, announced September 12, released September 21
2013: iPhone 5s/5c, announced September 10, released September 20
2014: iPhone 6, announced September 9, released September 19
2015: iPhone 6s, announced September 9, released September 25
2016: iPhone 7, announced September 7, released September 16
2017: iPhone 8, announced September 15, releasing September 22. iOS 11 coming September 19.

When Is the iPhone X & 8 Coming Out

That information has not been confirmed. But assuming that Mac4Ever’s rumors are correct about the date of September 12th for the event then you can expect the pre-order on Friday, September 15th. The release date has been set for the following Tuesday, September 19.
Previous reports cited alleged supply constraints and predicted the iPhone X to be released as late as October. Now, it’s been confirmed that the new iPhone will hit shelves November 3, with October 27th as the pre-order date.






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