LISTEN: Here's How An Alex Jones Rant Sounds As An Indie Folk Song

Alex Jones is hilarious enough by himself. After watching his intense web series several times, I can safely say that this guy is a riot. I’ve often been left laughing hysterically with a euphoric afterglow whenever he goes on his intense, testosterone-fueled rants.
Jones is a grade A laugh-riot patriot who bleeds red, white, and blue. And is not afraid to throw down if the sh*t hits the fan. Whether it’s the government or Alec Baldwin. When you f*ck with Alex Jones, you’re f*cking with a revolution. Don’t make him go 1776 on your ass!
The guy’s energy is simply through the roof. The good people over at Super Deluxe took it upon themselves to take this “bastion of American freedom” and mix that with something sounding like a Bon Iver song. Get a taste of indie folk Jones.
Alex Freedom sings his little heart out in this clip…

Who is this Bon Iver guy anyway? Super Deluxe named dropped him in their Youtube description. Never heard of him before. Is that what you kids are listening to nowadays, hmmmm? Bon Iver?
Guess I’m just not getting with the times. Alex Jones, on the other hand, is the wave of the future. A man fearlessly staring the opposition in the face, ripping off his shirt like the Incredible Hulk, bellowing out “Look at me, world! I’m American and I kick ass!”
That’s ya boy, Alex Jones.

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