Stephen Colbert's Impression Of Alex Jones Is Something That Needs To Be Seen

I think I’m about a day late on this but I really don’t care. Yesterday was 4/20, which we all know is essentially a black hole of a day, so we’re gonna let me slide for posting this a day late, considering my brain was literal mush yesterday.
Normally, I’d let a day-late video slide, but Stephen Colbert’s impression of Alex Jones is just so out-of-this-world electric I had to share it with the public.
Update: I am not late on this. This video aired last night. Weed’s a hell of a drug, kids.

Colbert actually had himself a hell of a 4/20 episode last night, which is why Colbert is the best, ’cause he brings out the big guns for theĀ bestĀ night of the year.
He tried Starbucks‘ new preposterous unicorn drink:

Brought out his Big Furry Hat:

Gave a 4/20 monologue:

And of course, took a fat dookie down Bill O’Reilly’s throat:

I tell ya: Trump’s presidency has brought a lot of negativity to this country, but the re-emergence of Stephen Colbert has been nothing short of a blessing.

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