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WWE SmackDown: Results, Live Updates & Must-See Highlights – 06/06/17


WWE SmackDown is live from Rochester, New York. Shane McMahon kicks off tonight’s show with the six women of the Money in the Bank ladder match. Let’s get right to the action live…

WWE SmackDown Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY

WWE SmackDown Live Results

Stick around for live updates from tonight’s show. Refresh the page and find out…

Shane McMahon kicks off tonight’s show with all the women in the MITB ladder match

Shane O’Mac introduces the pearly white briefcase to the world. The women love the case that reads “Money in the Bank” in green lettering. McMahon explains to everyone what winning the briefcase entails, but James Ellsworth is tired of Shane mansplaining. Ellsworth uses his time to be the hypeman for “The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella who is very confident of winning at Money in the Bank.

Charlotte tells everyone that they better recognize The Queen. Natalya talks trash. Becky accuses Nattie of ripping off her uncle Bret Hart. Naomi’s music hits and she makes an amazing neon-glow entrance. Before Naomi can really start to give her opinions, Lana’s music hits.

Lana makes her SmackDown Live debut. She’s dressed in a flowing blue gown. The crowd goes crazy for her. She wants a spot in the ladder match. Naomi thinks that is just as funny as Bugs Bunny. But Lana thinks she can beat the champ.

Naomi wants to fight Lana. But Shane doesn’t think Lana deserves a match against the champion yet. She needs to earn her shot. McMahon announces a six-women tag team match coming up next!

Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina Snuka vs. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi

Natalya and Charlotte tangle to start the match. Nattie controls in the early going, but “The Queen” Charlotte quickly regains control. Becky gets the tag and dropkicks Nattie. Natalya tags in Carmella.

Becky Lynch is controlling Carmella with her thighs, literally rolling her around the ring with her legs. Becky goes for a kick, but rolls out of the ring. Natalya capitalizes and clotheslines Becky.

Carmella takes care of a hurt Becky with more punishment. She performs a bronco buster. She tags in Tamina who beats down Becky and prevents her from making a tag.

Tamina has Becky trapped in a headlock. Becky Balboa fights out, but quickly gets slammed to the mat by her orange hair. Tamina takes Becky to the corner and tags in Nattie who stomps Becky in the corner. All the women tag-in-and-out while stomping on Becky Lynch.

Nattie suplexes Lynch in the center of the ring. Becky fights out, but gets knocked back down by Tamina. Carmella is up next for Becky. The Princess of Staten Island can’t prevent the tag to Naomi.

Naomi comes in and kicks ass. But Tamina uses her strength to push the champion in the corner. Naomi rallies back, hitting Tamina with a kick and a crossbody from the apron. The champ goes for the cover, but Carmella breaks up the pinfall.

Charlotte even comes in to assist her team with a big boot to Carmella. Nattie and Tamina double-team Charlotte and knock her out of the ring. Naomi remains dominant, fending off Tamina and Natalya. It looks like Naomi will win…until Lana comes out and trips her on the ring apron. Tamina capitalizes on a stunned Naomi.

Tamina Snuka, Carmella & Natalya defeat Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi

Mojo Rawley wants to prove himself to Shane McMahon

Mojo feels as if he’s been an afterthought on SmackDown Live, lingering around as a shadow on the blue brand. He’s disappointed that he wasn’t announced for the Money in the Bank ladder match. He wants to prove his worth and earn an opportunity. Shane O’Mac grants him his wish. If he can beat the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal then he will be placed in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler

AJ and Ziggler tangle it up. Both men trade big shots. AJ fires away with his fist. Dolph tries to catch him with a Fame-asser, but Styles ducks out. Ziggler tries to use the ropes as leverage to defeat Styles.

Styles survives a Fame-asser. Dolph attempts a DDT, but AJ blocks. Ziggler blocks the Phenomenal Forearm, but can’t block a Styles Clash.

AJ Styles defeats Dolph Ziggler

Fashion Files w/The New Day

We’re back with more neo-noir fashion fun…

Mojo Rawley vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

Mojo gains control in the early going of the match. He pushes Mahal into the corner and then slams the WWE Champion to the mat. Mahal leaves the ring to catch his breath.

Mahal goes back in the ring. Both men run the ropes, but Jinder gets knocked down by a big shoulder-block. Jinder goes back to the outside for a breather.

Rawley looks primed for victory as he dominates the WWE Champion. But then he gets distracted by the Singh Brothers, and Mahal turns the tide. Jinder gains control, but gets knocked down with a backdrop.

Mojo mounts a comeback, knocking down Mahal with a clothesline and some shoulder-blocks. But Mahal gets dirty and rakes his eyes. Jinder hits the Khallas slam and that it for Mojo.

Jinder Mahal defeats Mojo Rawley

The New Day vs. The Colons

The New Day is throwing out boxes of Booty-Os cereal on the way to the ring. Big E even feeds a young boy with some Booty-Os. Xaiver Woods begins the match against Primo who gains control. Woods turns the tide with some hard shots and a dropkick.

Big E and Epico get the tag. Big E immediately gains control and locks Epico in an abdominal stretch. Primo enters the ring and tries to break up the move, but he gets caught by Woods who puts him in an abdominal stretch as well. Both Woods and Big E lick their hand and start spanking their opponents’ bootys.

Big E quits the comedy and rams Primo right into the barricade. Big E is kicking ass. He even uses Woods as a weapon to drop on an unfortunate Colon brother. Big E gyrates, runs the ropes and splashes on his opponent.

The Colons try to mount a comeback on Xavier. But once Big E gets back in the ring, they crumble under the strength of the big man. The New Day hits the Midnight Hour to end their SmackDown Live debut match.

The New Day defeat The Colons

Backstage Interview w/Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is talking about studying Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn says that he will be at ringside for tonight’s main-event between Nakamura and Owens. But then Baron Corbin rushes Zayn and knocks him on his ass. Corbin beats the crap out of Zayn and tells him that a new spot just opened up at the commentator’s table. Corbin is trying to end Zayn’s in-ring career.

Naomi wants to fight Lana

Naomi is in SmackDown General Manager Shane O’Mac’s personal office. She’s demanding a match against Lana. She’ll even put her championship on the line. McMahon gives in to the champion’s demands, and announces a match between Naomi and Lana for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura gains control, sending KO to the floor. But when we come back from the commercial break, Owens is in charge. We see a clip that shows Owens launching Shinsuke into the barricade. Owens has Nakamura floored with a headlock. KO drops his opponent with a DDT and goes for cover. 1..2…kick out!

Owens traps Nakamura in the headlock once more. Nakamura escapes, trades some shots and drops KO with a huge kick to the head. Nakamura gains complete control. He places Owens on the top rope and takes him out with a running high knee. KO goes for the cover once again, but Shinsuke kicks out at 2.

KO attempts a suplex on Nakamura, but “The King of Strong Style” fights out and knocks down KO. But Owens regains control and hits Shinsuke with a big-time corner cannonball. Corbin on commentary refers to KO as a marshmallow.

Shinsuke takes Owens out with another big kick. Nakamura hits an exploder suplex. He waits in the corner as KO gets to his feet. Shinsuke charges at Owens with the Kinshasa to finish off the match.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Kevin Owens

Post-Match: Shinsuke celebrates his victory in the ring as the crowd cheers. Baron Corbin enters the ring, sneaks up behind Nakamura and hits him with the End of Days. Corbin stands tall at the top of the entrance ramp to end tonight’s SmackDown.

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