WATCH: The Crowd Go Nuts For Shinsuke Nakamura's SmackDown Debut (They Even Start Singing)

Shinsuke Nakamura received a hero’s welcome on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown. The crowd responded to the debuting star as if he were already a certified main event. Nakamura didn’t say a word. Yet, his reaction wrote a storybook.

Nakamura has earned himself a cult following on WWE’s NXT brand. Just by making this epic entrance, Shinsuke has already become one of SmackDown’s most popular superstar.

What Happened?

The Miz & Maryse were in the ring, doing their same shtick. Miz & Maryse just finished mocking and imitating the newly engaged couple John Cena & Nikki Bella. The crowd seemed to like that segment. But when they saw the lone violinist on the ramp and heard Nakamura’s music, the crowd absolutely lost it.
Nakamura strutted to the ring as only he can. He laid down in the ring to soak up the exhilaration from the crowd. He stood up, looked at the camera and didn’t say a single word. That’s powerful.

Who’s Shinsuke Nakamura?

He’s the insanely-popular performer decked out in red leather. He’s a former 2-time NXT Champion. He was a powerhouse in Japan for over a decade before ever stepping foot in any WWE or NXT ring.
He received his start in New Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan, where he remained for over a decade, earning numerous championships. He’s fought Brock Lesnar in the Tokyo Dome way before Suplex City even existed. He’s a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, soon to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion someday.

Want To Hear Shinsuke’s Theme Song Again?

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