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Gambler Hits 10-Team Parlay Proving That All Is Not Lost In The World



Gambling is hard. No matter how much time and effort you put into it, it’s really effing difficult to pull off big winning bets. Unless, of course, you’re the luckiest dude in the world.

Some guy who must be half-leprechaun made bank after hitting a 10-team parlay on Bovada. The bet included both baseball and basketball teams and not just the NBA. The guy snuck in a WNBA team, Serie A team and a Super Liga team because why the hell not?

They went safe to start off, taking the Golden State Warriors first quarter point spread. The bettor also took the run line on the Mets and Dodgers games, in addition to the money line on the Rockies, Yankees and Twins game. When it was all over, the bettor turned a $155 10-team parlay into a filthy amount of money. Check it out:

Lucky bastard.

As someone who has been burned on parlays far too many times, I can tell you that parlays are hard to hit. I rarely dabble in anything more than a three-team parlay. So the fact that this bettor hit on all 10 is honestly unfathomable. It kind of pisses me off but I don’t want the betting gods to give me bad karma. $155 to win $96,000?! Jeez.

Anyway, kudos to this person. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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