Attention Thieves: Robbing A Gun Store Is Probably Not The Best Idea

One second you’re thinking you’re about to haul off with a sweet score from the local pawn shop, and the next minute you’re thinking absolutely nothing because you’re dead AF and the only thing that exists after death except nothingness… (TBD). At least that’s what happened to this moron who got himself killed after he tried to rob Jimmy Groover’s Dixie Gun and Pawn.


Bullet holes are still visible on the front on the Dixie Gun and Pawn shot Monday night after what detectives describe as a gun battle broke out earlier in the day.

Police said two armed men burst in Jimmy Groover’s store in broad daylight Monday and held the gun store owner at gunpoint.

“Get down on the floor, get down on the floor or I’ll kill you,” Groover recalled the suspects telling him. “Then they shot at me.”

Feeling like his life was on the line, Groover pulled the trigger (of his own gun), shooting and killing one of the suspects. The other is still on the run.

I mean, seriously, forget the fact that you’re robbing a gun store, does this look like a guy you want to f*ck with? Even if he was managing a Baskin Robbins, this guy would be on my strict ‘do not f*ck with list.’ My man already has a death row beard going on, you don’t mess with those guys.

In the least surprising news of 2017, this is actually not the first time Groover’s pawn shop has been burglarized. Actually, this is about the 20th time it’s happened. Groover has added security cameras and bars on the windows, but at the end of the day, we all know his best chance of defending his turf is the piece he’s got on his hip.

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