WATCH: Three British Guys Hilariously Struggle To Get A Bike Out Of An Electric Fence

In a viral video that’s sweeping the globe, we finally get the answer to the age old question: How many Brits does it take to get a bike out of an electric fence? It apparently takes four, two to do the grunt work, one to chuckle in the background, and one to record the action. Watch these guys hilariously struggle in the video below.

What a phenomenal video. Not only was I laughing my ass off when those guys would get shocked, but I also found myself on the edge of my seat, wondering if they were ever going to get their bike back. It was a perfect mixture of humor and drama watching those goofballs match wits with that electric fence.

According to the YouTube description, here’s how they got into this pickle.

Whilst pedaling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realized that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mate Al trying to get it off! Please excuse the swearing and oh yes by the way the clicking sound is the electric pulsing!!

I don’t know how the hell someone would manage to do that, but it all worked out in the end. They got their bike off the fence, gave┬áthe internet a sensational video, and no one suffered a Marv-esque electrocution. All’s well that ends well.

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