“Wrong Turn 6” Trailer Features Hillbilly Mutants & The Usual [VIDEO]

Wrong Turn 6 Trailer

This isn’t just great news for HalloweenWrong Turn 6 is coming out in October, and that also means that our Wrong Turn marathons on the Syfy channel are about to get a few hours added to them. That’s great news. We’re also always happy to see the Wrong Turn franchise get some new life, too. The first one was a surprisingly strong grindhouse kind of movie back when it hit the multiplexes in 2003. It was nice to see Eliza Dushku, but we hung around for the gratuitous gore and smart characters.

Then we got Wrong Turn 2: Dead End as an unexpectedly great straight-to-DVD production, followed by Wrong Turn: Left for Dead–which wasn’t as good as the second movie, but was still more imaginative than anyone could’ve expected. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings had Kaitlyn Leeb in a lesbian scene, plus other good stuff.

Then we got Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines as the first entry in the series to kind of fumble the franchise–but we’re still hoping that Wrong Turn 6 (which might also be called Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) will get things back on track. We’re just a little upset that this new one recycles a gag from Wrong Turn 4, and that was already an old gag that dated back to drive-in classics like She-Devils on Wheels.

Still, it’s great to see the hillbilly mutants back in action. Check this out and get an idea of your own plans for this coming Halloween…

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