The Replacements Go On Jimmy Fallon, Sing About Another Old Act [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon The Replacements Tonight Show

Your father probably tuned into The Tonight Show last night because The Replacements were on, and he used to drink a lot of beer and sing along when they came on his favorite college-rock radio station back in the ’80s. For maximum nostalgia, The Replacements performed their old college-rock radio hit “Alex Chilton,” which is about a (rightfully) legendary guy named Alex Chilton–who also got played on a  lot of college-rock radio stations in the ’80s, even if he was old enough to be your grandfather if he was still alive today.

Keith Richards was also a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and he was probably wondering why The Tonight Show was so into oldies acts. But this clip is still a big deal to fans of The Replacements, since the band hadn’t appeared on NBC since a famously disastrous Saturday Night Live show back in 1986. The big problem was probably guitarist Bob Stinson, who was out of the band by the end of the year . He’d also be dead by 1995, with The Replacements breaking up by 1991.

Bob’s half-brother Tommy still plays bass in the band, though–when he isn’t busy being in Guns N’ Roses. Rock ‘n roll is weird, and only weirder as it gets older. Anyway, here’s The Replacements still being around…

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