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Jul 24, 2016

WATCH: ‘Sharknado 4’ Trailer: Tara Reid Lives! [VIDEO]

The 2016 San Diego Comic Con owned the weekend with all kinds of amazing trailers — and then there's this....

Jul 3, 2016

WATCH: Andy Samberg Is (Still) Conner4Real with ‘Equal Rights’ [VIDEO]

This is probably unauthorized, so check out the best song from Andy Samberg's doomed Popstar while you can...

May 1, 2016

WATCH: Larry Wilmore Drops N-Word At 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner [VIDEO]

Well, it beats complaining about another unfunny episode of Saturday Night Live...

UFC 197: Jon Jones Warms Up By Punching A Gal [VIDEO]

She takes a hit from the UFC champ better than we could...

Apr 24, 2016

Puddle Of Mudd Singer Arrested In Armed Confrontation — Meltdown Less Funny [VIDEO]

Wes Scantlin is the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd. A lot of people were only recently reminded of that...

Apr 2, 2016

Kanye West Declares War On L.A. Clippers Chuck The Condor [VIDEO]

Kanye West wants to redesign the L.A. Clippers' new mascot — and he even asked politely...

Mar 13, 2016

Feb 27, 2016

Glory 27: How To Get Knocked Out By A Spinning Heel Kick [VIDEO]

The Glory 27 MMA event was full of really interesting matches — but one bout ended up being very decisive....

Feb 20, 2016

MMA Gracie Shamrock Bout Controversy — Looks Like A Low Blow To Us [VIDEO]

We're no experts, but that looks like an old-fashioned knee-to-the-groin at the main event of Bellator 149...

Feb 6, 2016

RIP, Lil Marvin? Man At Strip Club Shooting Periscoped His Own Death [VIDEO]

Shooting broke out at Club Rayne last night — and one person there might have Periscoped his death...

Jan 30, 2016

WATCH: X Games Already Has The Snowmobile Stunt To Beat [VIDEO]

It would've been nice to have Joe Parsons around during Winter Storm Jonas...

Jan 10, 2016

WATCH: ‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag Opening: ‘La-Z’ Rider Rules The ’80s [VIDEO]

It's a lot of fun, but the producers are probably worried that you'll be too distracted by the Golden Globes...

Jan 9, 2016

WATCH: Clemson Vs. Alabama Pre-Show — Taiwanese Animator Style [VIDEO]

Top-ranked Clemson takes on second-ranked Alabama, which clearly translates into bazooka boots and Coke bottles...

Jan 3, 2016

WATCH: Forget Pizza Rat — 2016 Is Already The Year Of The Cannibal Rat [VIDEO]

Why settle for chomping on pizza when you can enjoy some fresh fellow rat?