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December 30, 2013: 59 Pics As Eliza Dushku Turns 33! [PHOTOS]


Eliza Dushku turns 33 years old as the year starts to wind up this December 30th, and that reminds us of two things. One is that we’re getting old if the former bad gal of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is getting safely into her thirties. The other thing that we’re reminded of is that we’re still young enough to really like looking back at hot pics of cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer –meaning gals like Charisma Carpenter and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Of course, it’s still baffling to realize that the world really got its first look at Eliza Dushku as a child actress in the classic action film True Lies. That was way back in 1994. She began showing up as the demonic Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1998–but there were probably a lot of guys who didn’t watch the show, and then were amazed to see Eliza looking very grown up in the fine 2002 teen comedy The New Guy.

Those newly-informed guys probably started watching Buffy just in time for the series to end in 2003, although Eliza briefly helped David Boreanaz make the transition to the spin-off Angel. Eliza then enjoyed a brief stint as a magically-talented morgue assistant on the show Tru Calling. We were more impressed by her turn in the horror movie Wrong Turn–along with Eliza’s starring role in the 2009 television show Dollhouse, which joined creator Joss Whedon’s string of wrongly-canceled television series.

Eliza’s always kept working, though. We keep up with her via Twitter, and her official site shows that Eliza’s up to a lot more than acting. That includes her work as a pretty much perfect advocate for her ancestral homeland of Albania. We’re particularly interested in the Buffy reunion of Eliza and Michelle Trachtenberg (and Sasha Grey!) in the upcoming film The Scribbler–but for now, let’s look back at some other examples of Eliza’s amazing assets…

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