Prank Caller Gives Up On Dopey News Reporter During UCLA Flood [VIDEO]

Another prank caller somehow made it on the air of the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles and told the world the real cause of UCLA’s massive flood.
A man by the name of Louis Slungpue (sound it out) called into ABC 7 to offer his expertise on the water main break that flooded the college campus earlier today and the network immediately put him on the air without bothering to check his credentials, background or suspiciously appropriate name. He claimed to be a spokesperson for the water department and that was good enough for the producers and reporters behind that big fancy desk in the studio, so they threw him on the air.
Mr. Slugpue then explained that the busted water main that caused all the flooding may have been caused by a flushed cherry bomb–a cause that might have been valid if life was a Simpsons episode or if UCLA was a high school in the 1950s. For some reason, the hosts swallowed his excuse so the prank caller tried to push his luck further and explained that the break may have been caused by “a cherry bomb or someone [who] took a really large dump.” They still bought his story so the prank caller gives up and hangs up on them. Someone watching the footage at home taped it, of course, and posted it on their YouTube account…
Are all news anchors turning into Ron Burgundy? Between this and the recent MSNBC prank on The Cycle’s Krystal Ball, we’re wondering if being completely unaware of the world is a requirement for getting a TV news job.

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