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MSNBC Host Gets Old-School Punk’d By Howard Stern Fan [VIDEO]


krystal ball prank

The tragic Malaysian Airlines crash in the Ukraine has reopened concerns of terrorism around the world. There are also lead some serious concerns about how the crash is being covered–especially after oblivious MSNBC host Krystal Ball brought in a prank caller on the air during the network’s coverage. The ditzy host ended up with a classic news fail, especially since she couldn’t figure out she was talking to a prankster even after he pulled the prank.

Krystal Ball, one of the hosts of the daily MSNBC rundown show The Cycle, broke into regular programming to talk about the flight upon hearing the news that someone shot it down over Ukrainian airspace. During her show’s coverage of the tragedy, it appeared they had a military expert who claimed he witnessed the crash and could offer a first hand account of what he saw. However, it quickly became apparent that the caller wasn’t a military expert or even a witness when he said it appeared that the plane had been brought down by “the wind from Howard Stern’s ass.”

That didn’t stop the tenacious Ball from continuing her interview. She went right on ahead and asked the caller her next question. It’s such a stunning display of inattention that it has to be seen to be believed. Try not to think about the ridiculous amount of money this person gets paid to talk to people on television while you are watching the clip…

She may have been distracted by a voice in her ear feeding her information, or probably another question to ask judging from her interviewing skills. We also didn’t know that Howard Stern prank calls were still a thing. The only way that prank call could have been more outdated is if Ball and company turned to Rachel and Monica from Friends for a reaction to the crash.

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