Pete Holmes Takes on M. Bison in "Street Fighter Red Tape" [VIDEO]

Pete Holmes–star and host of TBS’s The Pete Holmes Show–finally got around to taking down the main villain of Street Fighter II in his regular feature Street Fighter Red Tape.
You can’t call yourself a gamer if you haven’t been following Holmes’ video game sketch series. He does a great job of deconstructing the game and showing everyone just how ridiculous the idea of a global street fighting tournament is and he concludes it brilliantly by taking apart the organizer of all this madness. Think about it. Logistically, it doesn’t make financial sense in terms of travel and scenery expenses. It’s got nothing to do with the business. It’s like Donald Trump spending all of his enormous wealth bronzing his hair. Even if it did make sense, how exactly does that help an evil dictator take control of the entire world? If the world was that scared of mad athletes with self-esteem issues, Mike Tyson and Terrell Owens would be in charge of everything by now.
It turns out that M. Bison is an even bigger prick that we thought he was back in our arcade days when he wouldn’t even give us a chance to get up and fight him by doing to his “Psycho Crusher” move over and over again. Sure, the term “dictator” doesn’t imply that he’s someone who’d like to friend us on Facebook and invite us out for frozen yogurt but at least most third-world dictators would enjoy the challenge of a competition that proves their over-inflated sense of power and self-worth.

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