Beastie Boys Wouldn’t Let Schwarzenegger Use “Sabotage” for “Sabotage”

If the Beastie Boys are already on your “awesome list,” get ready to make some more room for them because they actually had the gumption to tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that he couldn’t use one of their songs in one of his movies.

The Boys are currently battling it out in court with the people who make Monster Energy Drink over alleged improper use of one of their songs in a commercial. Mike Diamond aka Mike D was called to the stand to testify and Monster’s lawyers grilled the rapper over the Schwarzenegger incident. Apparently, the people behind Schwarzenegger’s most recent dud to date Sabotage wanted to use the Beastie Boys’ Sabtoage as the main theme for their movie but the band didn’t like the idea. They didn’t feel comfortable being associated with the modern Schwarzenegger and his less than successful movies.

Mike D actually said on the stand, “We’re not fans of his work and maybe some of his recent actions.” Lawyers tried to call out Mike for being a big, fat hypocrite by noting that Schwarzenegger was introduced on an episode of The Tonight Show with the song, but Mike said he didn’t care because the remaining Boys are “fans of that show.”

We’re also big fans of both the Beastie Boys and the legendary action movie star so we’re a little conflicted on this one. We certainly respect the Beastie Boys’ decision to protect the integrity of their music especially in the memory of Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz’s passing but we also know that Sabotage would have make a kick-ass theme for Schwarzenegger’s movie.

We stillĀ have to give the upper hand to the Beastie Boys because it takes some real guts to tell Schwarzenegger “no” and risk losing millions in royalties, licensing fees, and the use of your arms and legs. Damn, let’s hear that song again…


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