Oct 1, 2020

Subway ‘Bread’ is Not Actually Bread, Per Irish Court

If you thought that Subway was a healthy meal option, it is time to think again. At least that is...

Feb 26, 2018

Amiri & Rahiem Taylor Covered The Beatles '8 Days A Week' & You Need To Hear It

Well, it appears that Amiri & Rahiem Taylor can add “sounds exactly like the Beatles” to their resume. Amiri and...

Dec 1, 2017

Subway's Miserable PR Continues, University Study Finds Their Chicken Isn't Legit

I knew it. Earlier in 2017, when writing about Subway’s disgusting and frankly offensive pulled pork and Fritos sandwich, I...

60 California Teenagers Storm BART Subway & Rob Passengers

Over 50 teenagers swarmed a BART subway car in Oakland, California over the weekend, robbing and beating passengers in what...

Apr 25, 2017

Hero Hops Down Onto NYC Subway Tracks, Saves Drunk Man Just As Train Arrives

Here’s your giant glass of NOPE for the day. Newly-released footage shows the wild moment a New York City man...

Apr 4, 2017

Subway's Pulled Pork & Fritos Sandwich Is A Crime Against Humanity

If you’ve ever read an article of mine, particularly about fast food, you’ll know I’m quite the hater. I haven’t...

Jan 23, 2017

Jan 12, 2015

[PHOTOS] No Pants Subway Ride NYC 2015

Pantless people around the world united and dropped trou Sunday for the the 14th annual No Pants Subway Ride.  The ...

Feb 2, 2014

Drunk Man Sings Lil Jon On DC Metro [VIDEO]

[youtube=] One of the best things about living in a large city is the reliable public transportation. You get to...

Jun 24, 2013

What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

If the McRib is your favorite sandwich, you might be suffering from abandonment issues.

Jun 4, 2013

Oh Just A Giant Rat Gnawing Away On Some Food At A Subway [VIDEO]

[youtube] Subway, Eat Fresh! Hope you were at least able to watch this before you went out to get...

Jan 18, 2013

40 Reasons To Hate Public Transportation [PHOTOS]

As someone who lives in New York City, I definitely appreciate public transportation for its cost efficiency, ease, and speed....